George Investment Group


Development is for us building new places to live, but also long-term relationships with our clients. We have more than 20 years of experience in the construction industry.

Real Estate

Where others see the present, we see the future. In addition to the construction itself, we ensure the sale of real estate and help with mortgages at banks.

Project Y

Unique concept of reconstruction of old real estate. The investor enters Project Y either with his capital or investing his old property.

We invest in residential property. We help people live better and by renting you get money back.

Property value and rental cash flow are rising.

I want to invest with George


The investor enters the George project either with his capital or investing his old property. Our team will design the original design and realize the reconstruction. Each project is unique and exceptional. The price of the property is slightly higher than that of ordinary real estate, but the client who buys the property gets a unique home in which it will be a pleasure to live.


If you have free money that you want to appreciate and you don’t want to leave it in your current account, you can invest it in one of our projects. The choice of projects depends on your options and the amount invested. You can invest in apartments, houses, land and development projects.


Do you have a property and do not know what to do with it? We will appreciate it, propose a redesign and offer it for sale. It can be land, buildings, apartments, cottages that are in their original condition. We try to design a unique solution that maximizes the value of the property.

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